Vivo NEX is the latest smartphone in India with a number of truly unique features. While mobile phone manufacturers have been busy adopting the display notch, Vivo has been working on some industry-first technologies to offer a much better user experience. The Vivo NEX features the world’s first elevating selfie camera, a stunning display, an in-display fingerprint scanner, and so much more. The smartphone is a clear example of how companies can push the boundaries of technology to give users something they would love to use.

Here’s a look at some of the most innovative features in the new Vivo NEX.

1. Elevating camera
At a time when most smartphone companies are simply adopting the ‘notch’ design on their latest smartphones, Vivo has done something simply out of the textbook. The Vivo NEX features an elevating front camera. The camera is placed behind the display and when you want to take a selfie, it simply elevates in about a second. Once you’re done, the camera goes back inside very quickly. The elevating camera stands out while you’re taking a photo in a crowded place. It is powered by a micro-stepping motor, a control algorithm, and an independent driver IC which makes the whole mechanism work smoothly.

2. SoundCasting
The Vivo NEX features a bezel-less design which makes one wonder where the earpiece could have been placed in the phone. Vivo has done something very interesting here as well. The company has simply replaced the conventional earpiece with a motor that vibrates the phone’s display to produce sound. Vivo calls it Screen SoundCasting technology and it works similar to the way bone conduction works.

3. Bezel-less screen
Another striking feature of the Vivo NEX is its bezel-less screen. The smartphone features a screen-to-body ratio of 93 percent, thanks to the ultra-slim bezels on both top and the bottom. Vivo has also baked in a COF (chip on film) screen encapsulation technology which promises to further enhance the screen’s look and feel. Once you hold the phone in your hands, the bezel-less screen is probably the biggest feature that stands out when you’re looking at the phone.

4. In-display fingerprint scanner
Another thing most smartphone manufacturers haven’t figured out yet is the ideal placement for a fingerprint scanner on bezel-less devices. The Vivo NEX features an in-display fingerprint scanner. An optical fingerprint sensor is placed just underneath the display. When a user places their finger on the OLED display, a light is emitted which is reflected from the fingerprint down to the optical sensor. A fingerprint icon is displayed on the screen only when the display is turned off. The in-display fingerprint scanner on the Vivo NEX is fast and makes the phone feel futuristic.

5. Notchless display
The Vivo NEX includes the company’s Ultra FullView display. It is comprised of a 6.59-inch Super AMOLED display with an aspect ratio of 19.3:9. The absence of a display notch makes the display look even better and helps in enhancing the phone’s overall look. The smartphone offers a screen-to-body ratio of 93 percent which makes viewing content like photos and videos a pleasure. With the front camera, main earpiece, and the fingerprint sensor hidden away, the phone’s Ultra FullView display offers a smartphone experience like no other phone on the market.

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